Maria V. Gavrilo, PhD, Deputy Director for Science of the Russian Arctic National Park; Russia, 163000, Arkhangelsk region, Arkhangelsk, Sovetskikh kosmonavtov Av., 57; e-mail:
Darya M. Martynova, PhD, Leading Researcher of the Russian Arctic National Park; Russia, 163000, Arkhangelsk region, Arkhangelsk, Sovetskikh kosmonavtov Av., 57; Senior Researcher of the Zoological Institute of RAS; Russia, 199034, Saint-Petersburg, Universitetskaya emb., 1. e-mail:

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Gavrilo M.V., Martynova D.M. 2017. Conservation of rare species of marine flora and fauna of the Russian Arctic National Park, included in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation and in the IUCN Red List. Nature Conservation Research 2(Suppl. 1): 10–42.

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The Russian Arctic National Park is a marine Protected Area playing a significant role in conservation of rare and protected endemic species of the Arctic fauna and flora, included in the IUCN Red List and/or in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation. The Russian Arctic National Park is considered to be: (1) the major ground for the reproduction of the Atlantic walrus stock inhabiting the north-eastern Kara-Barents Sea Region; (2) the key area maintaining the globally threatened Svalbard population of the bowhead whale; (3) the principal denning grounds of the Barents Sea sub-population of the polar bear in Russia; (4) important summer feeding grounds of the beluga whale; (5) the key breeding ground of the ivory gull in the European Arctic; (6) the only proved breeding grounds of the light-bellied brent goose in Russia. The major efforts in studying rare species in the Russian Arctic National Park are aimed at the monitoring and research on the ivory gull, Atlantic walrus and the polar bear. These studies are performed both by the scientists and staff of the National Park and by specialists working in other scientific institutes. The data on the other species are obtained occasionally. Here, we state the major threat for the rare marine species and define the activities of high priority for further conservation, monitoring and research.


Arctic, fishes, macrophytes, marine mammals, Protected Areas, rare species of flora and fauna, Red Data Book, seabirds

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Received: 20.04.2017

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