Article name MIKHAIL N. TSURIKOV (8.02.1963 – 4.02.2017)

Oleg P. Negrobov, Dr. Sc., Prof., Voronezh State University, Russia; e-mail:
Vladimir S. Sarychev, PhD, State Reserve «Galichya Gora», Russia

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Negrobov O.P., Sarychev V.S. 2017. Mikhail N. Tsurikov (8.02.1963 – 4.02.2017). Nature Conservation Research 2(2): 94–111.

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On 4 February 2017 Mikhail N. Tsurikov passed away suddenly and prematurely. He was a PhD candidate, a talented scientist, senior researcher, head of the Laboratory of Entomology, head of the fund collections of invertebrates in the State Reserve «Galichya Gora». Mikhail N. Tsurikov was the author of 372 scientific publications, 97 popular scientific articles, two authorship certificates, four invention patents in the following scientific fields: studies of fauna and Coleoptera ecology as well as development of methods for studies of invertebrates.


Coleoptera, Diptera, entomology, insects, nature conservation

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Received: 23.02.2017

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