Oleg P. Negrobov, Dr. Sc., Head of the Department of Ecology and Systematics of Invertebrate Animals of the Voronezh State University (394018, Voronezh, Universitetskaya pl. 1); e-mail:
Olga O. Maslova, PhD, Assistant Professor, Voronezh State Pedagogical University, (394024, Voronezh, Lenina Street, 86); e-mail:
Olga V. Selivanova, PhD, Head of the Biodiversity Laboratory of the Voronezh State University (Voronezh, Universitetskaya pl. 1); e-mail:

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Negrobov O.P., Maslova O.O., Selivanova O.V. 2018. Fauna of the family Dolichopodidae (Diptera) of the Astrakhan State Nature Biosphere Reserve (Russia). Nature Conservation Research 3(Suppl.2): 91–96.

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The paper presents a critical review of the Dolichopodidae family in the Astrakhan State Nature Biosphere Reserve (Russia). In total, 23 species from the Dolichopodidae family were indicated for this Protected Area. Four of these species have been recorded for the first time for both Europe and Russia: Asyndetus albipalpus, Asyndetus chaetifemoratus, Chrysotus dorli, Hercostomus rubroviridissimus. In addition, Dolichopus jaxarticus and Sciapus subvicinus are new species for Russia. Twenty species (Asyndetus albipalpus, Asyndetus chaetifemoratus, Asyndetus latifrons, Campsicnemus filipes, Campsicnemus simplicissimus, Chrysotus cilipes, Chrysotus dorli, Dolichopus calinotus, Dolichopus cilifemoratus, Dolichopus latilimbatus, Dolichopus jaxarticus, Hercostomus convergens, Hercostomus rubroviridissimus, Medetera diadema, Medetera plumbella, Nematoproctus longifilus, Poecilobothrus bigoti, Rhaphium penicillatum, Sciapus longulus, Sciapus subvicinus) are firstly recorded for the Astrakhan region. To date, 34 Dolichopodidae species are known in the Astrakhan region. However, further studies of the Dolichopodidae fauna in Protected Areas are needed for a more comprehensive knowledge on this Diptera family in Russia and in Eurasia as a whole.


Astrakhan region, insects, long-legged flies, new locality, Protected Area

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Received: 17.06.2018

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