Roman E. Romanov, Senior Researcher of the Central Siberian Botanical Garden of the Siberian Branch of RAS (Russia, 630090, Novosibirsk, Zolodolinskaya Str., 101); Researcher of the Institute for Water and Environmental Problems of the Siberian Branch of RAS, Novosibirsk Branch (Russia, 630090, Novosibirsk, Morskoy Avenue, 2); e-mail:
Elena V. Chemeris, Senior Researcher of the Papanin Institute for Biology of Inland Waters of RAS (Russia, 152742, Borok); e-mail:
Liubov V. Zhakova, Junior Researcher of the Zoological Institute of RAS (Russia, 199034, Saint Petersburg, Universitetskaya nab., 1); e-mail:
Anastasia V. Ivanova, Researcher of the Institute of Ecology of the Volga Basin of RAS (Russia, 445003, Togliatti, Komzin Str. 10); e-mail:
Olga V. Palagushkina, Associate Professor of the Institute of Management, Economics and Finance of Kazan Federal University (Russia, 420012, Butlerov Str, 4); e-mail:

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Romanov R.E., Chemeris E.V., Zhakova L.V., Ivanova A.V., Palagushkina O.V. 2018. The charophytes (Charales, Charophyceae) from the Middle Volga Region (Russia): synopsis of localities and species protection. Nature Conservation Research 3(Suppl.2): 1–20.

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The dataset for charophytes from the Middle Volga Region, including Orenburg region, Penza region, Samara region, Ulyanovsk region, Chuvash Republic, Republic of Mariy El, Republic of Mordovia, Republic of Tatarstan, have been updated under study of Russian charophytes. To date, 18 species from four genera were known from the study area according to published records. The reliability of records has been checked with specimens stored in LE, IBIW, PVB and our new collections of 2009–2017 for the period from 1768 to 2017. Fourteen species of Chara, Nitella and Tolypella only have been confirmed with vouchers. The published records of six species and one genus need to be confirmed. The data are scarce nearly for all administrative regions except Samara region. Chara inconnexa and C. subspinosa have been found in the Middle Volga Region for the first time. The single locality of the latter species is remarkable from its distribution range perspective and based on a single specimen from the 18th century. Some species have been found in separate regions for the first time. The novel species record for Ulyanovsk region is the first data about charophytes in the region. The species richness of charophytes from the Middle Volga Region is evidently low in comparison with the Upper and the Lower Volga regions due to less diversity of some ecological groups and mainly insufficient knowledge of charophytes from the regions except for Samara region. The species composition of charophytes from the region studied could be tentatively recognised as impoverished compared to the Upper Volga Region. Its low similarity with the Lower Volga Region could be explained with the absence of many characteristic species of southern chorotype. Chara vulgaris and C. globularis are the most common species in the study area. They could be recognised as generalists. A correction of species lists for the regional Red Data Books has been suggested. The protection of Chara contraria, C. papillosa, C. subspinosa, C. tomentosa, C. virgata, Nitella gracilis, N. mucronata has been recommended according to the criteria of the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation. Chara subspinosa seems to be a regionally extinct species. Karst and oxbow lakes and to a lesser extent inundated quarries and ponds could be recognised as the most important for charophyte species protection. Three important plant areas have been identified as essential for long-term persistence of stable charophyte populations: the National Park «Mariy Chodra» in the Republic of Mariy El, the regional sanctuary «Golubye Ozyora» in the Republic of Tatarstan and the regional natural monument «Ozero Goluboe» in Samara region.


Chara, distribution, ecology, key botanical territories, Nitella, species conservation, Tolypella, Volga River basin

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Received: 27.03.2018

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