Elena A. Rybak, PhD, Leading Researcher of the Sochi Scientific Research Centre of RAS (Teatralnaya Street, 8a, Sochi, 354000, Russia); Leading Researcher of the Sochi National Park; e-mail:
Oleg O. Rybak, Dr.Sci., Sochi Scientific Research Centre of RAS (Teatralnaya Street, 8a, Sochi, 354000, Russia); e-mail:

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Rybak E.A., Rybak O.O. 2017. Regional effects of the global climate change; a case study: the Sochi National Park area (Russia). Nature Conservation Research 2(3): 61–67.

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The Sochi National Park (SNP) occupies a considerable territory within the Greater Sochi municipality. It is located in several altitudinal zones. Therefore, climatic conditions within its territory are rather diverse. The average climatic conditions of SNP are rather well studied, but the global and regional climate change together with long tendencies in natural climate variability, require regular updating of corresponding changes on the SNP territory. This is important, first of all, for tracking changes and establishing reasons in local biodiversity changes. In the paper, we consider recent variations of the key climatic characteristics (air surface temperature and precipitation amount) in three elevation zones of the SNP. Analyses of mean annual and mean seasonal values reveal that besides common features, climatic tendencies are influenced by local conditions. Positive trends were established in temperature time series and negative in precipitation ones.


air temperature, climate change, global climate, precipitation amount, regional climate

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Received: 01.09.2017

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