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Anufriev G.A. 2016. Middle-summer cicadinas fauna (Hemiptera, Cicadina) of the Vitimsky Reserve (Irkutsk region). Nature Conservation Research 1(1): 65–77.

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Composition of middle-summer cicadinas fauna (90 species from 3 families: Cicadellidae – 75 species (45 genera), Delphacidae – 11 (9 genera) and Aphrophoridae – 4 (3 genera)), together with data on the relative abundance for each of species. Psammotettix kamtshaticus Vilbaste, 1980, syn. nov. was synonymized with Psammotettix poecilus (Flor, 1861).


cicadinas, Cicadina, Irkutsk Region, Vitimsky Reserve

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Submitted at 04.02.2016

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