Serik A. Kubentayev, PhD, Head of the Laboratory of flora and plant resources of Astana Botanical Garden (010000, Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, Orynbor Street, 16); iD ORCID:; e-mail:
Igor G. Levichev, PhD, Senior Researcher of the Komarov Botanical Institute of RAS (197376, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Professor Popov Street, 2); iD ORCID:; e-mail:
Gulnara T. Sitpayeva, Dr.Sc., General Director of the RSE «Institute of Botany and Phytointroduction» (050040, Kazakhstan, Almaty, Timiryazeva Street 36); iD ORCID:; e-mail:
Saule K. Mukhtubayeva, PhD, Director of the Astana Botanical Garden (16 Orynbor Street, Nur-Sultan, 010000, Kazakhstan); iD ORCID:; e-mail:
Klara S. Izbastina, PhD, Senior Researcher Laboratory of flora and plant resources of Astana Botanical Garden (16 Orynbor Street, Nur-Sultan, 010000, Kazakhstan); iD ORCID:; e-mail:

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Kubentayev S.A., Levichev I.G., Sitpayeva G.T., Mukhtubayeva S.K., Izbastina K.S. 2021. First records of five species of Gagea (Liliaceae), new in the Kazakhstan flora. Nature Conservation Research 6(4): 112–114.

Electronic Supplement. A map of the new locations of the genus Gagea in Kazakhstan and digitised files of herbarium specimens (Link).

Section Research Notes

The article provides information about five rare Gagea species that are new to the flora of Kazakhstan. These are G. subtilis from Beltau (Alymtau) mountains, G. kamelinii from the Karatau ridge and Ulkenburul mountains, G. artemczukii from River Tobol floodplain, G. podolica from Caspian lowland and Mugodzhary, and G. deserticola from the vicinity of the Daryalyk Takyr sands, the Barsakelmessky State Nature Reserve and Bolshye Barsuki. Gagea podolica and G. artemczukii are noted for Asia for the first time. The new sites of these species are based on herbarium specimens stored in the herbaria of MW and AA.


Asia, Goose onion, Kazakh upland, rare species, Western Tian-Shan

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Received: 22.03.2021. Revised: 10.09.2021. Accepted: 11.09.2021.

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