Dipankar Borah, Assistant Professor in Department of Botany of the Goalpara College (783101, Assam, India); Researcher of Department of Botany of the Rajiv Gandhi University (791112, Arunachal Pradesh, India); iD ORCID:; e-mail:
Momang Taram, Researcher of Department of Botany of the Rajiv Gandhi University (791112, Arunachal Pradesh, India); iD ORCID:; e-mail:
Eric Wahlsteen, PhD, Botanical Museum of the Lund University (PO Box 117, SE-22100 Lund, Sweden); iD ORCID:; e-mail:

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Borah D., Taram M., Wahlsteen E. 2021. Begonia dicressine (Begoniaceae): a new record for India. Nature Conservation Research 6(4): 110–111.

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Begonia, belonging to the family Begoniaceae, is one of the largest Angiosperm genera with a pan-tropical distribution. Northeastern India shows a high degree of endemism with several endemic species described from the region. Begonia dicressine, so far known from Myanmar, has been recorded for the first time in India from Namdapha National Park. Hence, the present record makes the westernmost distribution of the species and a new record for the flora of India.


Arunachal Pradesh, flora of India, geographical extension, new addition, morphology, national park

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Received: 24.02.2021. Revised: 09.08.2021. Accepted: 11.08.2021.

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