Kirill V. Makarov, Dr. Sc., Professor, Zoology and Ecology Department, Moscow Pedagogical State University; 129278, Russia, Moscow, Kibalchicha St., 6, build. 5; e-mail:
Yuri N. Sundukov, PhD, Senior Researcher of the State Nature Reserve “Kurilskiy"; 694500, Russia, Sakhalinsk region, Yuzhno-Kurilsk, Zarechnaya St., 5; e-mail:

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Makarov K.V., Sundukov Yu.N. 2016. Distribution and biology of the ground beetle Carabus (Damaster) blaptoides rugipennis on Kunashir island, Kurile islands, Russia. Nature Conservation Research 1(3): 44–52.

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Based on long-term observations, Carabus blaptoides rugipennis is a polytopic, little specialized malacophagous subspecies widespread across Kunashir Island, Kuriles. Its reproduction pattern is autumnal-summer, with low fertility, two larval instars, and hibernation as larvae and adults. The insular population is characterized by considerable variability, sometimes comparable to differences between subspecies. A new synonym is established: Carabus (Damaster) blaptoides rugipennis (Motschulsky, 1861) = Carabus (Damaster) blaptoides simushirensis Obydov, 2008, syn. nov. At present there is no direct threat of an abundance drop of this species in the Kurile Islands.


Carabidae, Carabus blaptoides rugipennis, Coleoptera, habitat, Kunashir, Kurile Islands, life cycle, new synonym, rare species, Red Data Book

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Received: 13.09.2016

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