Oleg P. Negrobov, Dr. Sc., Head of the Department of Ecology and Systematics of Invertebrate Animals of the Voronezh State University (394018, Voronezh, Universitetskaya pl. 1); e-mail:
Olga O. Maslova, PhD, Assistant Professor, Voronezh State Pedagogical University, (394024, Voronezh, Lenina Street, 86); e-mail:
Olga V. Selivanova, PhD, Head of the Biodiversity Laboratory of the Voronezh State University (Voronezh, Universitetskaya pl. 1); e-mail:

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Negrobov О.P., Maslova O.O., Selivanova O.V. 2019. A new species of Asyndetus (Dolichopodidae, Diptera) from the Astrakhan State Nature Biosphere Reserve (Russia). Nature Conservation Research 4(3): 107–111.

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A new species, Asyndetus bykovskyi sp. n., from the Astrakhan State Nature Biosphere Reserve (Russia) is described. This species can be distinguished from Asyndetus chaetifemoratus by the structure of hypopygium, partly yellow femora and the position of the apical section of vein M1 at the apex of the wing.


East Europe, fauna, long-legged flies, Protected Area, Palaearctic, systematics

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Received: 22.04.2019. Revised: 10.05.2019. Accepted: 13.05.2019.

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