Elena B. Pospelova, PhD, Senior Researcher. United Direction «Taymyr Reserves», Chief Researcher; 105173, Russian Federation, Moscow, Glavnaya street, Building 19a, 193; e-mail:

Igor N. Pospelov, Senior Researcher. United Direction «Taymyr Reserves»;105173, Russian Federation, Moscow, Glavnaya street, Building 19a, 193; e-mail:

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Pospelova E.B., Pospelov I.N. 2016. Changes in the vascular flora of Khatanga village and its surrounding area, Taimyrsky Biosphere Reserve, over a long period. Nature Conservation Research 1(2): 59–78.

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The results of the floristic survey of Khatanga surroundings are given. A comparison of the flora's current state with the earlier changes in 1905–1955 and with data of regional floras is conducted. There are 58 species listed in these references, which we have not detected. We believe that they have disappeared from the flora, or there was confusion in determination of plant specimens, or there were errors in the geographical locations. We found 93 species, not mentioned in the cited sources. The total list includes currently 359 species of vascular plants. Changes in the flora are caused by natural processes (change of climate, the hydrological regime of rivers, etc.) аs well as by human transformation of the landscape. An analysis of the flora is conducted, on the basis of which we regard it as belonging to the Asian hypoarctoboreal subtype of the Hypoarctic type.


floristic findings, floristic monitoring, Taymyr, vascular flora.

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Submitted at 25.03.2016

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