Muammer Kurnaz, Department of Biology, Karadeniz Technical University (61080, Trabzon, Turkey); e-mail:
Bilal Kutrup, Department of Biology, Karadeniz Technical University (61080, Trabzon, Turkey)

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Kurnaz M., Kutrup B. 2018. Southernmost locality for Endangered lizard, Darevskia clarkorum (Lacertidae, Squamata) from eastern Black Sea coast of Turkey. Nature Conservation Research 3(Suppl.1): 136–139.

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Darevskia clarkorum is an endangered species distributed within a restricted area in Georgia and Turkey. The study has presented a new locality in the Province of Gümüşhane for the species. As the new locality is about 40 km away from the known distribution area, it is important in terms of defining the southernmost distribution area and limited locality of species. The record of the new locality of Darevskia clarkorum reveals that the species also occurs outside coastal areas. Thus, the endangered species begins to inhabit inland provinces, too.


Darevskia clarkorum, Gümüşhane, morphology, new locality

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Received: 04.06.2018

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