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Korb S.K. 2018. Automatic autonomous light traps and their usage for the quantitative accountingon example of hawkmoths of Kyrgyzstan (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae). Nature Conservation Research 3(3): 80–85.

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The quantitative accounting of Sphingidae of Kyrgyzstan using automatic autonomous light traps is presented. 16 species with nocturnal activity were recorded, four of them are most numerous, eight are of average abundance, one is a migrant and three are rare. Two species are proposed for inclusion in the Red Data Book of Kyrgyzstan (Sphingonaepiopsis kuldjaensis, Proserpinus proserpina).


hawkmoths, light traps, quantitative accounting, Red Data Book of Kyrgyzstan, Sphingidae

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Received: 11.11.2017

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