Sofi Mursidawati, MSc, Rafflesia Project Leader at theCenter for Plant Conservation Botanic Garden; Jalan Ir. Juanda, No 13, Bogor, Java, 16003, Indonesia; e-mail:

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Mursidawati S. 2017. Ex situ conservation of Rafflesia patma (Rafflesiaceae) in Bogor Botanical Gardens (Indonesia). Nature Conservation Research 2(2): 90–91. DOI: 10.24189/ncr.2017.014

Section Research Notes

This report presents some methods of cultivation and the inducing of flowering of Rafflesia patma in Bogor Botanical Garden (Indonesia). Many natural habitats of Rafflesia have disappeared through time. Therefore, gardening may contribute to the survival of these species. The grafting method has proven to be successful for the ex situ cultivation of R. patma. However, many biological and ecological aspects of this endangered plant are still unknown, while its habitat is disappearing rapidly. This needs a better understanding of the Rafflesia biology to establish appropriate conservation efforts.


Bogor Botanic Gardens, ex situ conservation, flowering, habitat disappearance, Indonesia, Rafflesia

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Received: 23.03.2017

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