Boris S. Tuniyev, Dr. Sc., Prof., Deputy Director for Science of Sochi National Park (354000, Russia, Krasnodarsky Krai, Sochi, Moskovskaya St., 21); e-mail:
Ilia N. Timukhin, Head of Scientific Department of Sochi National Park (354000, Russia, Krasnodarsky Krai, Sochi, Moskovskaya St., 21); e-mail:

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Tuniyev B.S., Timukhin I.N. 2017. Species composition and comparative-historical aspects of expansion of alien species of vascular plants on the Sochi Black Sea Coast (Russia). Nature Conservation Research 2(4): 2–25.

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This article provides an overview of 167 alien species of vascular plants of the far south of the Russian Federation. Considered is the distribution of alien species of ecological-altitude belts of the southern macroslope of the western Caucasus, at the interfluve of the rivers Tuapse and Psou and their geographical origin. It shows the predominance of alien species from North America and Eastern Asia. The authors considered an increasing number of alien species and the speed of distribution of the most aggressive invaders. We identified the capability of interchangeability of invasive species during a certain time.


alien species, dissemination along ecological-altitude belts, geographical origin, Sochi Black Sea Coast, turnover of invaders, vascular plants

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Received: 04.09.2017

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